AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Water filter for Hard Water Review

Aquasure Shower Head Water Filter for Hard water:-  Are you suffering from Hairloss, hair whitening, hair damage or any other hair related problems?

Most commonly you are aware that your shower water has lot of harmful contaminants that can rupture your hair fossicles from the roots and cause hair loss. Not only hair loss, on continuous use of hard water during shower can cause accumulation of unwanted minerals in scalp which can result in eczema.

Whether you live in city or village, hard water is common everywhere due to growing industries and pollution the water that reaches the city areas are contamined with heavy metals, pollutants. The borewell water coming in village area is irritating.

Before its too late why not install a shower head water softener which remove hardness and microorganisms.

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While there are lot of filter shower set available in the market which claims to be affordable with low budget but the product starts loosing its quality before its warrenty date, so how do we trust which is the best shower head water filter for hard water to remove chlorine, traces of impurities that may pass through the filter.

Therefore after comprehensive research I have came across one of the best showerhead water filter by AquaHomeGroup that completely removes all pollutant including fluoride, chlorine, heavy metal, dust etc and adds  the purity of Vitamin C + E through replacement cartridge for better hair.

The best thing is that you will get an additional 10% discount if you use my coupon to purchase the product. So Keep reading.

About AquaHomeGroup

Aquahomegroup is one of the known and trusted brand for shower head water filter system. It is built with advanced filtration technology that allows making its maximum use and shows 100% trusted results.

Aquahome group focus on satisfied customers and the quality of the product.

They have been serving people for the past 10 years and have a lot of satisfied customers. Along with quality, the shower filter looks luxury.

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Aquahomegroup water filter shower passed all the tests before launching in the market. They also allow refund within 30 days. They allow quick bare hand installation just within seconds.

Aquahome products are suitable for most shower types including standard shower types, wall-mounted shower, rainfall, and handheld shower type.

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Benefits of Aquahomegroup shower head water filter

If you are suffering from skin or hair related problems consider choosing Aquahomegroup 15 stage shower filter. Installing an overhead shower filter is necessary when you have time. 

But when we talk about the Aquahomegroup filter product, the premium inbuilt quality and the set of shower nozzle with Vitamin C and E prevents oxidative stress, hair loss, hair whitening, and boost hair growth cause hair strengthening, etc.

Apart from this, there are several reasons to purchase Aqua home shower filter, some of them are:-

  • Prevents heavy metals like zinc, arsenic, lead to exit through the nozzle of the shower
  • The richness of Vitamin C and E gives spa nourishment to skin, hair, and nail.
  • Remove bad smell and odour from water.
  • Provide stimulation to immune system.
  • The showerhead is built with first-class metal that gives a premium stylish look.
  • The filtration material includes activated carbon that permanently traps activated carbon and hydrogen sulfite, KDF system that converts heavy metals into harmless nontoxic material, alkaline ceramic balls that remove free radicles and increase anti-oxidant effect of water.
  • Very simple and quick hastle free installation which includes rain, wall and hand shower.
  • There is a beautiful gift box given along with shower caps and teflon ribbon.
  • Affordable shower water filtration system.

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AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Water filter for Hard Water Review

Specifications of AquaHome Group Showerhead Water Filter

  • Aquaspa filter shower head has average cartridge life of 6 months depending on the hardness of water. AquaHome products can be utilized with a TDS level of maximum 1800 ppm, where the quality and life of water filter is affected.
  • The alkaline shower filter for well water works perfectly good because here where hardness is low, hence you will get the maximum out of this showerhead water softener.
  • Just after installation let water to discharge for 20mins to prevent assembly of coal dust.
  • The 15 stage filtration material is made of  ultrafine stainless steel mesh, PP cotton, High density stainless steel mesh, Alkaline ceramic balls, KDF, Maifan stone, Vitamin C, Coconut activated carbon, Dechlorination ball calcium sulfite, Microporous ceramic balls, germanium balls, Megnetic ceramic balls.

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FAQ of Aqua spa Overhead Filter Shower

How to choose the best shower head water filter?

While purchasing bathroom filters make sure to check the following points:- Check the price and the benefits. Additionally, go through the review of the product. Check requirements like size, weight, installation area. Most importantly check the warranty of product. Don’t forget to check the maintenance and installation charge.

Which is the best shower head water filter?

AquaHomeGroup showerhead bathroom filters are known best water softener available in Aquahomegroup

Where to buy shower head filter for hard water?

Buy best shower head water filter from AquaHomeGroupAquahome shower filters are affordable, premium quality, low maintanence and easy installation.

How to install shower head water filter by AquaHomeGroup

Aquahomegroup provides shower bathroom filter in a box that has everything one needs for self-installation. The shower filter is very easy to install and hand tighten installation which can be done in minutes without any technician

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AquaHomegroup Shower Head Water Filter


AquaHomeGroup Shower Head Water filter for Hard Water Review

Aquahome shower head water filter- Best Vitamin C+E Shower Water Filter, pure and clean water filter for bathroom, one of the best water softener

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